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This is 3 songs I recorded as Demo mixes for " The Rise of Eva O".
Mister DeathExpression, eternal, internal mourn .

Cliff and Fade . Cliff . Running, Falling, crawling to demise.

Fade . When right is wrong, you play along, to be safe. This is when I step aside and fade...
 These 2 developed for the production of "The Rise of Eva O"

The cornerstone mood and feel of this CD.
Yesterday's Pain . This one I have kept since 1994 to myself . It finally found its place in this production. Many people want so badly to hang on to past times. Turning something beautiful, or horrible into a sort of cement. It can be toxic. Maybe it is time to start walking forward, with reverence to the past, but your eyes towards today.  When I hear this song I feel a lot of people can relate to both sides of the song. It's human.

Rejection . A look inside a lonely mind with the magick of negative attraction . empty . sorrow . lost .

I am continuing with the production of "
The Rise of Eva O".  Just a reminder about this.
Don't forget my "
Go Fund Me Campaign". Be part of making the completion of this piece tangible.

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Cliff - Fade - The Rise Of Eva O - Demo
Yesterdays Pain - The Rise Of Eva O - Demo
Mister Death - The Rise Of Eva O - Demo


Even in Death

Mass for the Evil On your Souls Destruction

This is my first soundscape piece. A sound track to the movie in your mind's eye.


You can Buy.

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Eva O MDX "Medics"

This is the Mother of "The Rise of Eva O". Recorded 2012, Released on Eva O's Label Deathstruction Production EG. Still in demo state. It packs a punch! If you are a fan of Eva O's guitar playing and heavy vocals this is what Mental Mayhem offers to you on a platium platter. 

I Hate

Beautiful Ugly

Evil O Destruction
Nihilistic Minds

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